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Shopping For Dairy

Organic dairy or conventional

Shopping for dairy items can feel a little overwhelming when you focus on brands and labels. But, the truth is, all farms follow the same guidelines and regulations. Shopping for dairy won’t feel difficult when you know farmers and processor’s follow these rules. I had a great conversation with a Michigan mom of 2 young …


The Country Christmas Connection 2017

It’s time to reveal, TCCC17!!! I am so thankful I joined the secret Santa gift exchange, with other agriculture bloggers, again this year. The connections I made from my first year involved have grown into great friendships and I was looking forward to participating again. The ‘elves’ do a great job of organizing everything and …


Twenty 17

The thing I am most thankful for this year is family. Heading into 2017 I made the resolution to make more time for, and create more moments for, our little family. Putting away the ornaments and wrapping up the year has got me a bit emotional and reflective. The days felt like they would never …

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Cows That Didn’t Make the Nice List

The big day is almost here and before that jolly ‘ol elf decides to spoil my Ladies with extra grain, I’ve made a list. And trust me, I’ve checked it twice!! There were some cows around the farm this year that have not been very nice. You might think, “wow, I thought she was a …


Easy Alfredo Bake

I’m a fan of quick and easy dinners and this one goes under that category. While my kids love anything with noodles, my husband prefers a meal he can put on his plate and just dig in. I just want a meal that someone won’t complain about! These ingredients are easy to keep on hand …


Farm Girl Gift Guide

We love being outside with the animals, the frigging cold weather, and the sock that slides down in our boot but there are a few things that can make the job even more enjoyable. Guys, I’ve got a gift guide for your farm girl. Check it out, click the links, shop from the comfort of …

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7 Black & White Photos

Seven black and white photos of my life; no people and no explanation.

Farm Wife Feels

Raising Farm Kids

My children have fallen asleep to the steady sound of pulsator’s. They have crawled and learned to walk smack dab in the middle of the parlor. And they’ve been exposed to more germs in the first 12 months of life than you’d probably like to hear about. They have no idea that a lot of …

Farm Wife Feels

Mental Health: my story

How would you feel if every day you went to work you were losing instead of gaining? How would it feel to know that if you walked away from your career you might have absolutely nothing to show for years of dedication? For many american farmers these are questions they have been dealing with and …


When cows don’t get pregnant

Our veterinarian was about half way through his list of cows at our last herd health visit when we began to realize there was a problem. A majority of our eligible cows were open, meaning only a few of the cows who could become pregnant were pregnant. Just 8 weeks prior to this we had …