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7 Black & White Photos

Seven black and white photos of my life; no people and no explanation.

Farm Wife Feels

Raising Farm Kids

My children have fallen asleep to the steady sound of pulsator’s. They have crawled and learned to walk smack dab in the middle of the parlor. And they’ve been exposed to more germs in the first 12 months of life than you’d probably like to hear about. They have no idea that a lot of …

Farm Wife Feels

Mental Health: my story

This week people around the world recognized Mental Health Day, I didn’t but I should have. My story:   This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase from a link on this post I will make a minor commission at no extra cost to you.   I have that expectation that I …

Dairy Farming

When cows don’t get pregnant

Our veterinarian was about half way through his list of cows at our last herd health visit when we began to realize there was a problem. A majority of our eligible cows were open, meaning only a few of the cows who could become pregnant were pregnant. Just 8 weeks prior to this we had …

Dairy Farming

How to entertain kids during farm chores

entertain kids

This week we are adjusting our milking schedule, which hasn’t changed in the last nine years. The cow’s have milked at 5am & 4pm, every day, twice a day since we started farming. We are mixing things up because of ME – and I despise change. Reasoning? We will save some money {which is a …


Potato Soup, love momma

​It’s getting a little colder out and when I come in from morning farm chores I am chilled right through my entire body. These brisk fall mornings make me crave sweatshirts, a good book, and comfort food. This recipe I have to share with you is comfort in a bowl. To be honest I don’t …

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9 Years | I do’s & I didn’t’s

See that pager on his hip…I haven’t been the most supportive wife during the last year. When my husband told me he wanted to join the township fire department I didn’t anticipate feeling the way I did–like he was choosing something new over me. We’ve been married for awhile, we are business partners and work …


5 things to do this fall in Michigan

Michigan weather has definitely cooled off since September began; it seems my social media feeds are filled with fall décor and pumpkin everything.  In the spirit of embracing the new season I went out today and bought a pumpkin spice candle…and a new sweatshirt for good measure.  Fall is simply stunning in Michigan, from breathtaking …


Finding balance

  It’s the beginning of a new school year and adjusting to a new schedule. We merge normal every day routines with pretty new clothes and set bedtimes. These first few weeks are exhausting. These first few days are a little bit busier. Today we jumped right into it all, mom life & farm life …


In the beginning

If you knew my husband when he was younger you probably know he always wanted to be a dairy farmer.  In high school he worked for a local dairy farm and was determined that he wanted his own one day.  If you knew me before I met him, well I am as surprised as anyone …