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Shopping For Dairy

Organic dairy or conventional

Shopping for dairy items can feel a little overwhelming when you focus on brands and labels. But, the truth is, all farms follow the same guidelines and regulations. Shopping for dairy won’t feel difficult when you know farmers and processor’s follow these rules. I had a great conversation with a Michigan mom of 2 young …

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Do Farmers Care About Their Cows?

This post was originally shared on the Milk Means More blog.   I feel sometimes that it can be hard to understand the level of care farmers have for their livestock.  When you don’t see farm life on a regular basis or have personal experience as a reference how can you really feel the commitment …


A sparkly mic, Rock-n-roll and Dairy

As parents we do a lot of work at home to help our children grow, be responsible and be healthy. We have to be role models of caring and kindness so that our children will copy that behavior with friends. We suffer through countless trips to the grocery store so that our children learn how …