Moments with Dad

It isn’t my farmers favorite job. In fact he would rather be doing pretty much anything else on the farm then hauling manure every other day.

But for that little kid, it is awesome.

He doesn’t see it as a time consuming task. He sees a tractor. Which is about the second coolest thing in the world right now. He sees his Daddy. The strongest and hardest working person in his life.

IT IS twenty minutes together. IT IS an adventure. IT IS two boys just doing stuff. To him this isn’t work, it’s his carpet farming in real life. It’s a moment that he will day dream about later and it’s something bigger than we realize.

I know because I see the way he looks behind him after I pick him up. I feel the happiness in his soul and I hear his excitement as he tells me about Dad and the tractor.

To all the amazing father’s out there who take a few extra minutes. Who let the kids tag along on the most dreaded jobs. To the dad’s who don’t realize the lessons you’re teaching or how special you are, thank you.

Author: Nicole Wren

Nicole Wren is a wife, mom of three, and dairy farmer from northeastern Michigan. She and her husband milk 60-70 cows and farm 300 acres. Sharing honestly about their first generation dairy farm and motherhood, all the ups and downs that come with is what she is passionate about.

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