Farm Kid Safety

When was the last time you talked about safety on your farm?  Farming is one of today’s most dangerous jobs because of the machinery and work farmers and ranchers face every day.  There is an estimated 893,000 youth under the age of 20 growing up on farms in the United States (according to a 2014 …


Moments with Dad

It isn’t my farmers favorite job. In fact he would rather be doing pretty much anything else on the farm then hauling manure every other day. But for that little kid, it is awesome.

Meet MI Farmers

Meet MI Farmers | Lemajru Dairy Farm, LLC

By Abigail O’Farrel “My name is Abigail O’Farrell.  I am a fourth generation dairy farmer with my husband, Michael O’Farrell, my brother Reuben Nelkie, and parents, Charles and Julie Nelkie.  Our farm is Lemajru Dairy Farm, LLC.  We milk 115 registered Holstein in our two Lely astronaut automatic milking systems.    It has taken me a …

Cows and Calves

The WORST Cow On The Farm

She got her name from one of our workers and Liger may look cute but she hates me and I am thoroughly convinced that she is trying to kill me.  A slow and annoying death.  And to make matters worse she has befriended my utterly favorite cow #49.  Who does that I ask you…only a …

Agriculture, Educational

Do Farmers Care About Their Cows?

This post was originally shared on the Milk Means More blog.   I feel sometimes that it can be hard to understand the level of care farmers have for their livestock.  When you don’t see farm life on a regular basis or have personal experience as a reference how can you really feel the commitment …


The bull in our barn

Why do cows even need to get pregnant? And isn’t it true they are pregnant all the time?  Cattle do not produce milk until they have delivered their first calf. Reproduction is pretty darn important in this business…  So, let’s talk about the bull in our barnyard.  We are a bull bred farm, meaning that we …

Farm Wife Feels

Becoming a SAHM was a difficult transition for me

Becoming a stay at home mom was a difficult transition for me, I felt lost and unorganized.  My days blended together as I was trapped in my house with two little people (and one on the way) who needed things from me that I didn’t feel I could give them.  I thought I would love …


Hadley Turns One!

A year ago we lost Harlow and I felt confused. I had watched my farmer do what he could to help her; he was trying so hard to make her healthy again and I knew you couldn’t put in that kind of effort and not get good results. I had been so inspired by it …

Farm Wife Feels

Currently on the farm

Today when the milk hauler stops at my farm he will record the weight of my product. A sample of the milk will be collected and labeled and pumped through a hose onto the trailer. He will rinse the empty bulk tank, set up the wash system, and head to his next farm. Today when …


Homemade Cinnamon Rolls! 

These are some damn good cinnamon rolls and you need ((NEED)) them in your life! They are great to keep in the fridge and heat up one at a time or for a hassle free weekend breakfast. And I usually have extra cream cheese frosting and sometimes {always} eat it by the spoonful 😁. The …