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Cows That Didn’t Make the Nice List

The big day is almost here and before that jolly ‘ol elf decides to spoil my Ladies with extra grain, I’ve made a list. And trust me, I’ve checked it twice!! There were some cows around the farm this year that have not been very nice. You might think, “wow, I thought she was a …


Farm Girl Gift Guide

We love being outside with the animals, the frigging cold weather, and the sock that slides down in our boot but there are a few things that can make the job even more enjoyable. Guys, I’ve got a gift guide for your farm girl. Check it out, click the links, shop from the comfort of …


Our Christmas Tree

Today I made the arrangements in the living room and pulled down the worn cardboard box holding our tree. While I was fluffing the branches on my amazing artificial tree (please don’t hate me if you’re the real deal only type) my daughter asked me why our tree is so small. Okay, yes…it is a …