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Cows and Calves

The WORST Cow On The Farm

She got her name from one of our workers and Liger may look cute but she hates me and I am thoroughly convinced that she is trying to kill me.  A slow and annoying death.  And to make matters worse she has befriended my utterly favorite cow #49.  Who does that I ask you…only a …

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Do Farmers Care About Their Cows?

This post was originally shared on the Milk Means More blog.   I feel sometimes that it can be hard to understand the level of care farmers have for their livestock.  When you don’t see farm life on a regular basis or have personal experience as a reference how can you really feel the commitment …

Cows and Calves

A Cow’s Day! …and then there is A Farmer’s Day

Let’s just set the record straight from the beginning.  I work for the cows.  Everything I do on this farm is for the comfort and health of them.  Sometimes they are also the reason I drink. Well, them and my kids. And my husband… But anyway, our days are both spent working and I am not …