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Cows That Didn’t Make the Nice List

The big day is almost here and before that jolly ‘ol elf decides to spoil my Ladies with extra grain, I’ve made a list. And trust me, I’ve checked it twice!! There were some cows around the farm this year that have not been very nice. You might think, “wow, I thought she was a …


Currently on the farm

Today when the milk hauler stops at my farm he will record the weight of my product. A sample of the milk will be collected and labeled and pumped through a hose onto the trailer. He will rinse the empty bulk tank, set up the wash system, and head to his next farm. Today when …


The Seven Year Itch (with my dairy farm)

  I’m not going to lie, being involved in a relationship can really take its toll on a person.  After seven years I am a little bit exhausted and almost feel ready for a change.  I have been a dairy farmer for seven years and this last year has been the worst; to the point …