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How to entertain kids during farm chores

entertain kids

This week we are adjusting our milking schedule, which hasn’t changed in the last nine years. The cow’s have milked at 5am & 4pm, every day, twice a day since we started farming. We are mixing things up because of ME – and I despise change. Reasoning? We will save some money {which is a …

Meet MI Farmers

Meet MI Farmers | Lemajru Dairy Farm, LLC

By Abigail O’Farrel “My name is Abigail O’Farrell.  I am a fourth generation dairy farmer with my husband, Michael O’Farrell, my brother Reuben Nelkie, and parents, Charles and Julie Nelkie.  Our farm is Lemajru Dairy Farm, LLC.  We milk 115 registered Holstein in our two Lely astronaut automatic milking systems.    It has taken me a …

Meet MI Farmers

Meet MI Farmers at LMN Dairy

LMN Dairy with Melissa Guoan “Our current farm is owned by my husband and I, it was established by his parents in 1978.  We milk 200 cows including dry cows, altogether on the farm we have over 400 head from calves to cows.  Agriculture is a way of life for my family.  It is my …