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The WORST Cow On The Farm

She got her name from one of our workers and Liger may look cute but she hates me and I am thoroughly convinced that she is trying to kill me.  A slow and annoying death.  And to make matters worse she has befriended my utterly favorite cow #49.  Who does that I ask you…only a true enemy.  She really is the absolute worst cow on the farm but today is a good day.

She has been in milk for ten months and is a healthy animal.  She is seven months pregnant and is getting dried up!  I repeat, Liger is becoming a dry cow.

*insert giddy child-like squealing*

A dry cow is a pregnant cow that has entered the last 60 days of her pregnancy. We move these cows into our dry barn where they get to rest and relax until they deliver. Being in the dry barn is calming; there is a lot of cud chewing, nobody moves very fast and there are plenty of social gatherings at the hay feeder.  Liger gets this maternity leave prior to calving because we want her to be healthy and I think she and I need some space right now. Working in a herd of women is exhausting sometimes 😂

Why is she my least favorite… Welp for starters: to get her into the parlor she has to want to come in.  I can push on her, nudge her, holler at her and it doesn’t work.  She makes me look like a crazy person.  If I stand next to her she will wrap her head around my stomach and you might think it looks like a cow cuddle but I assure you she is trying to squeeze the life out of me, there is no twinkle of love in her eyes.  If I open the gate and walk in ahead of her she will follow me….and then body checks me into the rail.  I can’t even make this up.

My cows have their own personalities and sometimes we just don’t vibe well. I’m pretty positive I’m not the only delightful farming lady that’s had just one cow in the herd she despises… Right?! But nothing changes with how I care for her, except selfies, there are none of those. And what’s really important is that she gets the care her body needs to be a healthy cow and produce quality milk. I just hope she doesn’t turn #49 against me.

She does make a pretty good meme though

Author: Nicole Wren

Nicole Wren is a wife, mom of three, and dairy farmer from northeastern Michigan. She and her husband milk 60-70 cows and farm 300 acres. Sharing honestly about their first generation dairy farm and motherhood, all the ups and downs that come with is what she is passionate about.

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  1. Well that is utterly ridiculous how she treats her main squeeze! She should make the front page of the daily moos as being a cow..ardly bull..y in disguise.

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