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How many do you milk?

The guy behind the counter didn’t know me, basically he knew that a man had sent down his wife with an electric motor to be repaired and it was for farm use. This was my second time speaking to the shop owner in less than 90 minutes, the motor was finished and my bill was due, while we waited through the awkward silence of the transaction to process he made small talk. He took his cue from the business name on my debit card and asked, ‘How many do you milk?” This is how we define ourselves as a dairy…

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My anxiety

I can not breath right now. My entire body is incredibly tense and even the simple act of exchanging air has me worked up. My feelings fester and build until my body, quite literally, feels like it is shutting down. I don’t want to be friendly right now, I am angry, I am distracted, I don’t feel like myself. I have to do something I absolutely do not want to do and it is paralyzing me. I am going on a school field trip today with my 9 year old daughter. Crazy, right!?? How is it that attending something so…

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A little bit lost

Once we flipped the calendar to July summer became a blur, it’s like that every year though and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying a feel a bit lost in these last few weeks of summer vacation. On the farm It took most of the summer but we’ve got all our fields planted, and looking ahead to next spring we should be sitting good for cow feed – we just gotta make it through winter. We’ve said this before, almost every year for the last few because our plans and goals keep changing. We’ve talked a lot this summer,…

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Sharing that farm life on social media

Farmers, you have to share your story because if YOU don’t someone else will. Right? I follow countless farmers who share myth busting blog posts, they introduce facts about GMO’s and glyphosate and the nutritional values of real milk over nut juices. These farmers take the extra step, they put in the extra time, they WANT to bridge the gap and to connect with consumers. These agricultural advocates open themselves up, as professionals in their industry, they make the choice to share their farm life on social media because that is the world we live in now, people don’t just…

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Are there hormones in milk

While I will openly admitt I don’t get tangled up in labels and do my grocery shopping based on availability and cost, I understand that many people have questions and hesitations about our food. Where does it come from and is it safe? Raising children, and daughters specifically, I’ve heard the comments regarding hormones in milk. Are there hormones in milk? Do I need to be on the lookout for a label stating “no hormones”? As a dairy mom, here are my thoughts… Milk is one of the top sources of much needed nutrients and providing dairy for my children…

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Hurdles from a first generation dairy farmer

In 2004 I knew very, VERY, little about agriculture and as if it were possible I knew even less about being a dairy farmer. However I AM a deep well of motivation for other people and so that did not matter. When the guy I had fallen in love with said he wanted to start his own dairy farm I jumped in with both feet, determined to make this life ours. Things I didn’t do: talk to other farmers, read any agriculture magazines, or Google anything involving cattle. My answer to every stage of our business plan was “yes, we…

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Something worth celebrating

My favorite holiday is July 4th! Something about the parade in my home town, the family time, fireworks, and taking advantage of time to relax [in between chores], year after year this celebration in July brings me peace. What does your family do to celebrate Independence Day? On the farm The last 2 week’s we have been working on catching up from the wet spring. First crop of hay is done, packed, and covered. We mowed our first round of dry hay down a few days ago and will bale that tomorrow. Our corn is coming up, but we found…

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Balancing farm and motherhood

Women ask other women all the time… How do you balance everything? How do you balance being a wife, mother, and farmer? Before I blush and say modestly that I don’t do anything special I’m going to be very honest with myself and you. Balance looks different to each of us and I know my version of a balanced work and family life looks A LOT different now than it did 3 years ago. Three years ago I had a 6 year old, 4 year old, and 1 year old. I was elbow deep in dirty diapers and always getting…

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Coffee and wine

In between the coffee cup and wine glass are hours divided upon cows, kids, laundry, mowing, being a forever girlfriend and best friend, etc. The to-do list is never ending however in my attempts to get more minutes in my day I’m trying to focus more on the day and less on the list. So pretty much I’ve got frozen Go-Gurts and a basket of fruit on the table with enough lunchables to last till Friday. I’m taking full advantage of my nine year old’s desire to cook and I am using my outdoor furniture whenever possible. Down on the…

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Barn books – Spring 2019

Okay, confession. I’ve been kicking it thru my book list, however it has been a lot of series. Janet Evanovich and Michael Connelly… I’ve got a thing for criminals being captured. Instead of listing off 5 books from these two author’s, I want to change up my Spring list! Here are five novels that were good, had a memorable story line, or had an ending that blew my mind – just didn’t quite make my FAVS list Barn books – Spring 2019 Click the book title for a direct look at the book through Amazon, as an affiliate I may…

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