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Five words that get me through

I’m a fan of using F-words in life. There are 5 that get me through, sometimes all in one day. Words. Feelings. People. We use these as our support – our way of coping with the things beyond our control.

20180903_215853_0001Fuck it. Really, let’s not kid ourselves, you knew that would be first. If you doubted that would come first, then I will apologize for possibly offending you. There are situations we cannot handle, emotions we cannot deal with; say fuck it and let go.

Family. The reason we sometimes find ourselves struggling, feeling like we’ve failed, realizing all we’ve accomplished and the answeres to our “why’s”.

Friends. The like minded people we CHOOSE in life, the tribe we come to lean on and gain strength from. The ones who understand what you are going through.

Food. Maybe you are an emotional eater {like me} or maybe you find the happiest moments and best conversations include family and friends around the table or in the kitchen. BTW, alcohol IS food and will always be included here.

Faith. We have to believe in something greater than ourselves, wherever you find it or whoever you believe in, we need to have faith that things will be what they are meant to be.

When your day starts with the first F-word, let it include a few others and end with the last. There is so much to be thankful for, don’t allow yourself to get so wrapped up in the disappointment and frustration – reach out for the other words, the other feelings, the people who you can count on.

Xo, Nicole


  1. Beth Beth

    Absolutely love this! Glad your boldly Brave and honest!


      Thank you. I’m so glad you found something here ❤

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