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49 Reasons to love the farm life

Fourty-nine. Really?

Right, well then — you must be asking yourself two questions: 1) why 49 and not 50? 2) will there be a quiz at the end? The answer to the first question is because cow #49 on my farm is my favorite so it seemed fitting. To answer the next question, you’ll need to read through the post

  1. Sunrises so beautiful they literally stop you
  2. Calf cuddles
  3. A full kitchen table with laughter and planning
  4. Working with family, the bond becomes quite unique
  5. You fall asleep easily after a long days work
  6. We never say no to ice cream, or chocolate milk
  7. Make-up and bra is optional
  8. You can squeeze the bosses tush – maybe not on E V E R Y farm but at least on my farm
  9. The peace and quiet of watching animals just being content
  10. Tractor rides
  11. Welcoming a new life into the world
  12. Sending your niece and nephew home waayyy dirty
  13. Drinking from the garden hose
  14. Eating a meal from the produce and meats of your own work
  15. The smell of fresh cut hay
  16. When your favorite good jeans gain 2nd life as your favorite barn jeans
  17. Singing to the animals in a judgment free zone
  18. Working at your pace
  19. Tailgate lunch & dinner
  20. Crop checking
  21. Free fall decorations
  22. Sunsets. Sunsets. Sunsets.
  23. When you heal a sick animal
  24. Neighbors pull in the drive with a cooler of cold ones
  25. Hay rides
  26. Watching your kids run across hay bales
  27. The final pass on the field

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  28. Tractor acoustics are top notch
  29. Big breakfast
  30. Spring planning, the excitement
  31. Tan lines before the 5th of June
  32. Learning to communicate without saying a word
  33. Boots! Sexy boots, shit boots, comfy boots.
  34. Caffeine is plentiful and encouraged
  35. Educating consumers who want to learn
  36. Patience is learned
  37. Confidence in yourself and what you’re capable of
  38. Seeing 1-3 shooting stars while you walk to the barn
  39. Calling it a beach day, or a fishing day, or a rain day
  40. Cursing is like speaking in cursive, it’s allowed
  41. You can drink on the job
  42. Gratitude
  43. Likely to be hired at future jobs without a resume because farm work kicks ass
  44. The sound of rain on a hot summer night, as long as there isn’t hay down…
  45. End of harvest satisfaction
  46. Teaching your child how to hold a bottle, or swing on a milker
  47. When an animal comes to you, the trust you’ve earned
  48. Sorting cattle ends in “good-job”
  49. Feeling useful and needed


What would you add to the list? I’d love to hear, leave a comment!

Xo, Nicole


  1. How does this blog not have more people liking it!? LOVE the list! Makes me so grateful to live where I now live. I love not having neighbors a stone throw away, waking up before the sun, learning to climb a tree before I learned how to read, and how quiet the mornings are (even with the countless animals and bugs trying to get your attention). <3 You've made a subscriber out of me!

    • Thank you for those, they are great!

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