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Ten reasons to marry a farmer

Absolutely, one hundred times over, I would still say ‘yes’.

Yes to the first date. Yes to the late night tractor ride. Yes to you jumping off a moving tractor and leaving me in the seat to operate square baling for the first time on a hilly field, you hollering directions from the wagon. But thank goodness we’ve moved on to round bales!

To my husband, thank you for being my guy. I cannot wait for the next 14,600 days. Happy 10 year anniversary. Xo, your wife

Ten reasons to marry a farmer


Respect, sing it out loud “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

From day one and even on days when I’m not his favorite person, he shows me respect. There is a deep level of admiration from farmers when they commit to someone. Maybe it’s the role models from generations ago, maybe the connection between working with animals and having faith in the Lord, or maybe it’s just in their blood but farmers love their mommas, treat their families well, and will put other’s before themselves.


When they say they will they darn well mean it. Some times the deck is stacked against them but farmers are not distracted by bumpy roads; they take pride in following through with a plan and are persistent.


His job is to care for his family, he does so by caring for the farm. Long days and hours spent at work are done because it is essential to his job of caring for YOU. There have been plenty of times when the farm comes FIRST and there are situations where it drives me bonkers, but working beside him and learning his ‘why’s’ help me understand.


Working with animals can be scarily similar to raising a toddler. Stressful, yes. Messy, yup. Feel like you’re talking to yourself all day, mmm-hmm. If your farmer can find the patience to bottle feed calves or sort cattle without completely losing his cool than I promise you he’s going to be your saving grace when the kids refuse to sleep and you require it.

Laughter, laugh out loud optimism

There are so many moments when the farm can pull you down – laughter and viewing life as half full are farmer traits. An outlook like that can help you whether many storms together.


The guy surly dabbles in everything; fixing equipment, wiring electrical, he may not know the term shiplap but he CAN do it. I’m confident in saying your Pintrest FARMHOUSE DREAM board is totally do-able when your hubby is a farmer. Imaging the possibilities.

He’d give the shirt off his back

Generosity is a trait we need more of and members of the farming community generally don’t hesitate to help when able to. It’s not about loaning time or resources, it’s giving to your neighbor and expecting nothing in return.

Conversation starter

Shy girl through – and – through, find yourself a farmer and you won’t need to worry about akward silence.

Practical gift givers

Tires or a new gravel driveway – the very gifts you forgot you wanted the farmer will know you needed. It generally requires planning to arrange such keepsakes so you can find comfort in knowing you were on his mind often as the plan came together.


My farmer knows how it feels to go after a goal, and therefore he is so incredibly supportive. Whether it’s me complaining or planning a chore chart for the kids or building my dreams — he’s here for me ❤
Farmers are


  1. K Scott K Scott

    Yes! Even though I’ve literally told others not to marry a farmer… it’s been more if a warning that such a choice is more about all the things that come with it, and the level of patience and commitment is not for the weak. We recently also celebrated 10 years! And practical gift givers they are…. from a range finder, to a can opener, to some awesome rebar crafted to say LOVE… and an old barn window fixed up for the farm house. Thank you for a great reminder to appreciate the simple things.

    • Thank YOU, because it would be easy to rattle off the difficult moments for me too 😉

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