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You’ll be each other’s best friend some day

We fought about everything, just like any siblings. My mom’s solution was to make us hold hands and say something nice about each other. My dad would just repeat his tired old line, “you’ll be each other’s best friend someday”.

As IF!!––Clueless was my jam back then

My sister’s and I are S P A C E D out, in comparison to the rate at which I had children. I’m the oldest, smartest, wisest, quite possibly the tallest at 5’3″, and cursed with the smallest boobs. I had six wonderful years as my parents pride and joy until Meagan came along. She’s mom’s favorite, the one who inherited all the dry sarcasm my family thrives on, and has the most beautiful brown eyes (p.s. that was always my nice thing to say about her when we were in trouble). Add on another four years and Morgan was born, the distance just great enough to make her my very own living baby doll I could care for. As the baby she’s inevitably spoiled, the light of each room and the glue that holds us together when Meagan and I get bitchy.

Laura Lynette Shop

Dad was right, damn it, these girls are my favorite people! AND NOW we have a shop together. Laura Lynette Shop is ours, we design and create every order.

If you are familiar with those families who are overly affectionate, over share and are completely entertained by their own shenanigans, then welcome to our family. Laura Lynette is a combination of our middle names, three sisters hell-bent on spending time together and laughing about life.

We are custom too!

The amazing people we have met through our business is heartwarming, simply the most dedicated and wonderful women and men! We love getting to know YOU and creating custom shirts that share YOUR story.

Our why

Creating this business has given us a outlet from mom life, farm life and work life; sitting down with a little coffee (or wine) and feeling creative is the best feeling. We cannot wait to hear from you, work with you and include you in our family.

Visit NOW

Thank you for shopping small, Nicole

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