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Cows that made Santa’s nice list

Hey guys! My name is Jessica. I help Nikki and her husband, Brad, with the milking process on their dairy farm. After reading the most recent Michigan Farm Girl blog post, Cows that didn’t make the nice list #2, (the list in which, not surprisingly, includes my favorite, #141, for the second year in a row 😒), I thought it would be fun to put together a list of NICE cows in the herd.

Almost all of the cows are loving, gentle, and great milkers. I must have told Nikki three times or more that she got the easy job – listing the butthead cows, they stick out like a sore thumb. The others though, the ones who come in, do their job, and return to the barn no questions asked, THEY all deserve to be on the Nice List. So this is my attempt at narrowing it down to eight nice list worthy cows.

Full disclaimer, I am not nearly as witty or humerous as the Michigan Farm Girl herself, but please try to hang in there, just long enough to read about these eight stand-out cows who made the nice list this year.

Cows that actually made the nice list

#93 – recently freshened in (delivered her calf and moved back in with the milking cows).

She enters the parlor willingly, stands unphased while we prep her for milking, milks quickly, and then goes on about her day/night until it is time to milk again. Being so carefree about the milking process lands her in the #8 spot on the Nice List.

#24 – I, for the life of me, can never remember whether she is 24 or 26, but I have confirmed (again) that she is 24.

The very first group to enter the parlor is where you will find #24 every. single. time. She is ready to clock in, work, and clock out so that she can make her way back to the food – or her comfy stall – down in the barn. Either way, she has that “get ‘er done” mentality and has worked her way into the #7 slot.

#215 – A heifer who freshened in just a short time ago.

Many times when a new heifer comes into the milking rotation for the first time they step, kick, or refuse to willingly enter the parlor at all. #215 came in as if she had “been there, done that”, and has continued to impress us with her calm nature. She’s #6.


She never has to be convinced to enter the parlor from the holding pen, and often enters in the second group (which is the first group on the left side of the parlor). She’s a great milker and has never, during my milkings, kicked the milker off. For these reasons, she is #5 on the Nice List this year.

#184 – She has the. craziest. hair. (Nikki and I often joke about how cute it would be to put a bow in her hair).

Her hair may be crazy, but it doesn’t speak for her temperment. She is a smaller cow and is happy as can be whenever she comes into the parlor to be milked, morning or evening. The moral to this story is “Don’t judge a cow by her hair”. She is #4 on the list.

#145 – She’s nosey, and always has to know what is going on.

She makes her presence known by peeking into the parlor while waiting her turn, just to see what’s up. Although she isn’t huge on the pets or back scratches like some of the others in the herd are, she’s a great milker. She has pushed her nose into the #3 spot on the list.


She is currently in the dry lot relaxing before she calves, but when she is in with the milking cows she is always, ALWAYS down for a pet. Or a scratch. Or a snuggle. Or a hug. Anything you are willing to give her, she will take with great enthusiasm. If you are near her and happen to not be paying her attention, she will gently remind you to do so by rubbing her head on you. Your attention doesn’t go unnoticed by her though – you can always count on her to do the cutest little ear wiggle to show her appreciation. She is admittedly my first-runner-up for favorites. Her #undeniably lovable personality reserved her place on the Nice List this year. She’s #2.

#128 -a total lover.

She also has no understanding of personal space. If you are in the holding pen and she is close by, she is CLOSE by. She puts her face in your face – just a friendly “Hey, here I am. Love me”. She really just loves her face scratched. She happens to not only be Nikki’s first-runner-up on favorites, but my three-year-old’s favorite as well. I guess maybe you could say that WE convinced HER to be in this #1 slot on the Nice List this year.

#49, she is one of the sweetest cows on the farm. She can also be very stubborn – she doesn’t move until she’s ready, and I have learned to not even try directing her before then. Ha! #49 landed herself on the Nice List as a bonus because, well, she’s the “teacher’s pet” (or in this case, “farmer’s pet”) of the farm… Anddddd I would kind of, sort of, really like to keep the opportunity to help out around the farm 😉

I’d also like to say, that even though #141 made the naughty list (again) this year, and will probably continue to make the naughty list, year after year, she will always be #1 in my heart ♥

Thank you for entertaining my first, and quite possibly only, not-so-witty blog post. I love every single one of the cows I work with and I am extremely grateful I get to do what I do. It’s easy to create a bond with each and every member of the herd, which made it hard to pick only eight for this post. I really put this off for an entire week while I debated who would be on the list, and who wouldn’t. But there ya have it!

I wish every single one one you reading this a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of Happy New Years!

Jessica Bryant is amazing mom to her 3 year old daughter Ava. Her family lives in Tawas City, Michigan. Jessica has worked at Wren Dairy Farm for 14 months and had been such a blessing to our family & farm, thank YOU! Xoxo, Nicole

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