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The future is [more] female

As I was saying goodbye to my husband our youngest child asked his dad if he was going to work? The response was yes. “Like get in your truck and drive down the road to work?”

I suppose on one hand I like the idea that our children don’t consider the farm “work” and that at 4 years old my littlest is seeing his mom carry out the farm chores. But on the other hand, I’m sad that I’m doing farm work alone more often and that one of us working off the farm isn’t so much a choice but rather just what needs to happen.

Lego entertainment for bumpy roads

Can this farm support our family of five? Yes, it has been for the last 5 years. Then why work off the farm if you don’t want to?

Because we are tired of not being able to improve our business, there is just no extra money to do extra things or to try new ideas.

And because I can see far enough ahead to know if things continue as they are I will become completely unhappy in my own business. The whole idea here is to BE happy after all.

Newborns just don’t look REAL cuddly

This week my tractor buddy and I hauled manure, bedded barns, helped deliver a calf, and fed cows on our own. He’s always quick to point out when I don’t do something the way his Dad does, but then I remind both of us that it’s going to be that way… I drive slower in the tractors, I spend 10 extra minutes dancing around gates because the bull thinks I’m interesting, and try as I might I can’t fit 900 pounds of grain in one bucket. The future of this farm is more female ♥ Sassy pants, emotions, and all the feels

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