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June and new shirt designs

June is moo month Y’ALL!!! How is it the beginning of June already? The wonky weather has my vibe all messed up and nothing feels like it should be June.

Just me? Must be, because my kids are already living on summer time and my husband is running around like a crazy-time deprived farmer, so YAY for JUNE!

Farm life

Truthfully, we are running out of cow feed and the hay fields are wet. It’s one more stressor to add when last week you thought you were gaining on life. BUT… in the event of being more hopeful I’m sure we have at least one field that we can get into to wet bale before we chop. Here are some photos of the week πŸ’—

Helpers in the rain? I’ll take em!
If you don’t follow me on Instagram this is where I celebrate W(h)ine Wednesday and Farm With Me Friday’s in the stories. Join me but bring your own beverages πŸ’—
Little man and I came up with baseball cap STRESS styles! Pretty sure if you walk into the feild and see a photo #3 style – give them a beer, it’s BEEN. A. DAY.
Happy World Milk Day (June 1st)
Brad has been putting in some time at his off farm job and the kids and I have more good days than uncooperative ones – I feed and they explore.

Amazon finds

We purchased a birthday/father’s day gift for Brad and so far he (and the kids) love it. It is still on sale too! The biggest feature for us was finding a chair with spot massage, and that wasn’t easy to come by. Gideon Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat Portable Chair Pad Massager with Deep Kneading Pain Relief for Full Back & Neck Includes Six Program Remote for Home, Office and Car Use

Just FYI: I will be keeping my Amazon finds that I share with you guys under $50 but this was a combo gift so it does exceed that price point this week. I also grabbed some summer school workbooks for the kids that I’m flipping through and I’ll share those next week!

Friend’s blog

My friend Erin is in her first year of business and is starting her Facebook page Wild Hair Farms LLC and is totally the main reason I headed out to the farmer’s market with 4 kids in tow. Give her a follow and check her out Saturday’s at the Tawas Farmer’s Market 8-1pm πŸ‘Œ

Laura Lynette Shop

We released TWO new designs this week! After a crazy month of May for all of us girls we are pretty excited to get back to designing, which is your favorite?

Who Feeds You – click HERE
Gate Girl – get it HERE

Until next time!

I would love to see how you guys celebrate DAIRY month! Be sure to tag me in all things dairy and get involved πŸ’— if you’re local I will be at the Surline PTO Color Run on Friday June 7th @6:30p with delicious chocolate milk and frozen Go-Gurt for the kids!!!

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