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Tractor maintenance and chocolate milk

We started off dairy month with the Surline PTO Color Run and gave away 300 pints of chocolate milk and FROZEN Go-Gurts. This is my FAVORITE way to interact with my community because it’s all about informing families of the powerhouse that is dairy!

Farm life off the farm

Not only is chocolate milk super yummy but it is a low cost option AND a natural way to replenish your body after a work out. When this news really started going around a few years ago my husband was skeptical – milk when you’re hot and your guts are all tense? …but he tried it and swears by it now! He’s not the only one either, check out this pro athlete, or this one, this one, this one, or my favorite one here!

Here are some photos from our Milk Means More table and from the farm this week…

Showing consumers that we care for our animals is the best defense against animal activists. We, as farmers, work hard at what we do and while there are some bad apples out there MOST of us do a really great job!
Tractor maintenance is very important

we PROBABLY know how to push each other’s buttons better than most couples
My sassy sweet heart turned 7 this week! She and a friend got to get pedicures – glitter was applied!

Amazon finds

A few weeks ago I tagged this really fun tree swing and after using it, and settling many disputes among riders under the age of 9, I’ve decided it is as awesome as I’d hoped!!!

Also the summer activity books I purchased for the kiddos are my style. The kind of style that says “I’m not a teacher I just want my kids to stay mentally active without making me wish I’d cut my arms off instead of doing THIS”

Summer Bridge Activities – Grades 4 – 5, Workbook for Summer Learning Loss, Math, Reading, Writing and More with Flash Cards and Stickers Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension, Grade 4 School Zone – Math Basics 4 Workbook – 64 Pages, Ages 9 to 10, Grade 4, Multiplication, Division Symmetry, Equivalent Fractions, and More (School Zone I Know It!® Workbook Series)

Friend’s blog

This week there was a video shared by an animal activist group and I refuse to watch it for a few reasons: every industry has bad employee and while is most definitely is NOT ok, I know it does not define the industry; I will not watch their videos or share the lies of activists because any engagement increases their ratings and gives them more publicity; my first visit when I heard of the video was to Fair Oaks Farm and I read their statement, I was pleased with the way they took accountability and handled the malicious employees.

I found this post from Dairy Carrie to be very honest and helpful in understanding the difficulty farmers have in trusting their livestock to other people. Check it out by clicking HERE.

Laura Lynette Shop

We have a LIVE presale going on now! It’s a patriotic baseball tee and if you head over to the website you can grab yours 🇺🇸

Until next time

We finally got into the fields this weekend – chopped first cutting in one field and got corn planted, the race is on for getting soybeans in and finishing first crop!

Xo, Nicole

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