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How to get more minutes in your day

It’s go-go-GO from sunrise to sunset and every evening I wonder what in the heck I did all day, judging by the state of my appearance any stranger would say my shower must be broken, my children don’t own shoes, and I must have lost my sanity and my hair brush months ago. But it’s not like that, right?! You get it, I know I’m not alone.

Regardless, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to get MORE minutes in my day… more minutes equal more [fill in the blank] time! Here are four easy ways to get more time in your day ♥

Let the kids go naked

Truthfully, how much time is spent on laundry? A LOT! It’s summer time, let the kiddos live in their swim suits, wear pajamas all day, underwear is the new dress code.

I do enough laundry for the farm; washing the reusable cleaning towels from milking and my 2-3 outfit changes due to splatter… those kiddos will be just fine half dressed in the backyard.

Time saved: 45 minutes

Outsource some jobs

Grocery shopping online, say what? How is this just reaching my rural community in 2019 – it’s completely fantastic. Do you REALLY want to wrangle kid(s) who are half dressed through the local Wal-Mart? Me either!

Surface cleaning is how I function, but even THAT has become tedious. Get yourself some small laundry baskets, fill them with painful Lego pieces from the hallway and McDonald’s toys that poke out from under the couch. Delegate each kiddo to put away the items in their basket throughout the day.

Time saved: 30 minutes

Pan sheet cooking

Hop your motivational ass onto Pinterest and look THIS up… or check out my board here. Cooking ingredients on one pan cuts down dishes and time! Plus I really feel like this helps dip my toes into the whole ‘cooking in the kitchen with kids is fun’ thing, looks like less mess anyways 😅

Time saved: 20 minutes

Lower your standards

Seriously. If the load of laundry occupying the chair is giving you anxiety, move it to the couch where it appears smaller. If the floor is hazed by dust bunnies than open the windows for a cross breeze, outta sight – outta mind.

We all had ideas of the kind of parents we would be, the kind of farm wives or the kind of organized adults we would become BUT life happens and at some point we must accept we were wrong. I’ve got plenty of good intentions but then the kids wake up and chores get put on MY plate and there just isn’t enough me to do it all. My tip; keep your eyes off the floor and sit outside a little more.

Time saved: 45-60 minutes

As helpful as I hope you’ll find this, just know that your house, your back yard, your laundry pile, none of that defines your worth! You have GOT to start giving yourself some grace in all the things that you do and accept that everyone is riding their own struggle bus. Just because you schedule a few more minutes in your day for family time or personal time DOES NOT make you selfish – it makes you healthy! Nobody can fill the needs of other’s from an empty cup.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting to use one of those pan sheet recipes and gaining myself 20 minutes of bathroom time, with the door locked and a bubble bath ✌ Xo, Nicole

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