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Hello chaos

Hello summer break, goodbye strict schedules! In our house kids sleep in, they do pajamas all day, and usually they eat popsicles for breakfast. It’s a beautiful, chaotic season.

Life on the farm

Some weeks it feels like we have nothing but time, however sitting still while it’s the middle of June is almost painful. We don’t have all of our first crop off and we don’t have all of our seeds in the ground.

This farm life journey I’m on continues to put me in situations where I prove myself capable – even when the very last thing I want to do is learn something new. There are jobs that I’ve avoided; usually things that I don’t want to do but sometimes it’s because I don’t think I can do it. Changing PTO equipment is a job I’ve never done until now and I only did it because I HAD to, the rain was coming and Brad was working off the farm… and I did it.

Embrace uncertainty. What is one thing you didn’t KNOW you could do until you had to?

Late afternoon stress relief, girls vs. boys
where dad missed the goal 🙈
Rain days gave us a chance to work on the house
and we snuck in a day date that was kid free
A year ago the thought of milking 6 mornings and 7 nights a week terrified me, but now it’s do-able
(with a nap)
Rory is preparing for her #frecklenosefriday debut
We had a busy week for calves,
3 bulls (boy) and 1 heifer (girl)

DIY project accomplished

My husband loves when I find something on Pinterest, don’t they all? Without spending a lot of money I wanted to make my backyard feel cozy and Bradley helped me accomplish it. Basically what he really did was tell me it wasn’t going to go as easy as was anticipating from my little mobile photo and if I didn’t want the thing to collapse in a wind storm we were going to do it HIS way. In the end we did it his way but I’m taking this as a win because I got my project finished!

Current read

I’m reading Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and I’m loving it! I am planning to post a list later this week of my top 5 books where the story line blew my mind, check back! And you can read about my favorite books HERE.

MY newest blog post

Let the kids go naked. Truthfully, how much time is spent on laundry? A LOT! It’s summer time, let the kiddos live in their swim suits, wear pajamas all day, underwear is the new dress code. I do enough laundry for the farm; washing the reusable cleaning towels from milking and my 2-3 outfit changes due to splatter… those kiddos will be just fine half dressed in the backyard. Time saved: 45 minutes.

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Until next time

Hopefully more photos of the farm coming soon, between feild work and free range farm kids 💕 Nicole

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