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She wants your permission

The woman carrying bags of feed, she wants you to give her permission to take some time off.

The woman holding a teething child and wearing yesterday’s shirt, she wants you to give her the o.k. to sit somewhere quiet.

The woman sitting with her parent, the roles reversed, she wants you to step in without making her feel incapable.

She isn’t weak.

She isn’t lazy.

She’s determined.

She wants to be there for her animals, and for her family, and for her friends. She wants to fix the problems, to make the day run smoother. She’s a caretaker.

She isn’t trying to boast.

She isn’t trying to be the best.

She tries to be better than she was yesterday.

She wants to be a role model to her daughter. She wants to prove to herself that she’s got what it takes.

And so she’s waiting for you to give her permission because she strives to make your day easier, she doesn’t want for you to work late and yet someone needs to make sure she doesn’t work late.

And so she needs for you to give her permission because she is focused on everyone else, she’s focused on what they need and someone needs to focus on her.

She wants you to give her permission; not because you are in charge but because it shows you care about her, you think about her, you worry about her.

To every woman who is THIS woman,

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