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Coffee and wine

In between the coffee cup and wine glass are hours divided upon cows, kids, laundry, mowing, being a forever girlfriend and best friend, etc. The to-do list is never ending however in my attempts to get more minutes in my day I’m trying to focus more on the day and less on the list.

So pretty much I’ve got frozen Go-Gurts and a basket of fruit on the table with enough lunchables to last till Friday. I’m taking full advantage of my nine year old’s desire to cook and I am using my outdoor furniture whenever possible.

Down on the farm

We started the week with a farm call from our veterinarian and while the news wasn’t terrible we had hoped for something better. Basically two of our older cows delivered a calf each and came down with milk fever, a low blood calcium level. Colostrum production drains calcium from the blood and some cows are unable to replace the calcium quickly enough, this affects older cows more so because their bodies are creating more milk at freshening. After giving both girls a thorough checkup and taking a blood sample it was decided that not much more could be given to the cows other than the treatment we were already administering. The cows not being able to get up has all of us concerned about nerve damage, and the reality that they may not get up again.

For now our girls are eating, drinking, and ruminating – that’s good, but we know that the longer these big girls are down the harder it is to get them up. A few times we have used a cattle lift to help them stand but they struggle to get their footing and as much as I want to, I can’t just reach in there and position their feet.

A week and a half into summer vacation we are feeling parentHOOD – and we look as run down as we feel. Thank God we’ve got each other to laugh about it…

MY latest blog post

Y’all confirmed my feelings in my last blog post and I can’t thank you enough for that validation. If you missed it then click HERE to read She Wants Your Permission and share the love.

I also updated my spring book list, top FIVE novels that blew my mind – read it HERE

Until next time

Short and sweet this week, take care y’all. Xo, Nicole

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