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Something worth celebrating

My favorite holiday is July 4th! Something about the parade in my home town, the family time, fireworks, and taking advantage of time to relax [in between chores], year after year this celebration in July brings me peace. What does your family do to celebrate Independence Day?

On the farm

The last 2 week’s we have been working on catching up from the wet spring. First crop of hay is done, packed, and covered. We mowed our first round of dry hay down a few days ago and will bale that tomorrow. Our corn is coming up, but we found a lot of dead spots in one of our field’s (not sure if we want to try and replant those at this point in the summer…). We have freshened in nearly 10 heifers, meaning the parlor is extra hot and poopy and I’m getting kicked a lot! We’ve got new seeding planted and succesfully convinced our children that picking rocks is THE greatest job because they can drive the gator 😆 But through this ALL, there has been family time and even some down time.

Sweet little red & white Holstein bull calf ♥
Hauling dry bales home and letting those kiddos loose between loads helps a ton!
We were feeling thankful for the men & women who gave us our freedom and enjoyed the parade in Tawas!
We were rained out rock picking, but this reminds me that you can’t have rainbows without a little rain

Laura Lynette Shop

BIG THINGS friends! Our tiny shop has been blessed with orders, for which we truly are grateful — but what’s even better is the outcome for others in our LATEST shirt design!

We teamed up with some fun (and hilarious) friends on Instagram who have found a way to pick at each other, educate consumers, and laugh in the dairy industry. Want to be part of the Dairy Mafia?

Every purchase of THIS shirt donates to, a first of its kind program that has a big impact on communities nation wide! For children who depend on the nourishment provided by dairy during the school year, summer time is often a struggle. Dairy is one of the most requested items at food banks and one of the least provided. Give a Gallon helps!

From the website

Visit the website HERE and you can learn more as well as donate directly. I pulled up the food banks available in Michigan but you can view other areas too.

The REALLY exciting news to celebrate!

Laura Lynette Shop and the Dairy Mafia just donated $1000.00 through the shirt campaign. My heart is so full! Thank you to everyone who has helped!

Next time

I’ve almost got my backyard done, I’ll share my little DIY project. Xo, Nicole

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