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Sharing that farm life on social media

Farmers, you have to share your story because if YOU don’t someone else will. Right? I follow countless farmers who share myth busting blog posts, they introduce facts about GMO’s and glyphosate and the nutritional values of real milk over nut juices. These farmers take the extra step, they put in the extra time, they WANT to bridge the gap and to connect with consumers.

These agricultural advocates open themselves up, as professionals in their industry, they make the choice to share their farm life on social media because that is the world we live in now, people don’t just trust anymore they want to know and feel like they are making the BEST choice! It’s fine and it’s the trend, and our dairy leaders ASK us TO be open and vocal. My husband, no way will he advocate — and to be honest he probably isn’t the best to do it. Me, I do… but I don’t. I mean I want to but I’ve cut waayyy back.

I’ve been on Facebook and Instagram as @michiganfarmgirl for more than 3 years but this spring sharing that farm life bit me in the ass.

Why I stopped sharing

I always felt the need to give my followers something I wasn’t finding from the farm accounts I followed…. feels, transparency, the shit show this life can feel like. I’m an OVERsharer by nature, my family is very open and we are deep in each other’s business; naturally if I don’t get it out verbally than I HAVE to write it out – hello blog life where I can create a stage for ppl to be in my head! I am a shy person but if I keep these feelings bottled up… I’ll burst! And farming on our own has felt SO a-l-o-n-e until I began connecting with others in agriculture, through this platform. BUT when you write your feelings for others to read you cannot predict how it will be received or what someone will do with that knowledge. I felt like I was losing my voice.

So I stopped, cold turkey. Well more likely I got an attitude and I unpublished my Facebook account. Then I went over to Instagram and changed my direction towards making connections and supporting OTHER advocates. It was fantastic! I didn’t miss my neighbors turning a post I wrote about a crappy milk check into a bankruptcy rumor (yes it happened), but I did miss the messages from other farm girls saying “me too, glad I’m not alone”.

Where I’m headed

I’m not cut out to share my farm life story with consumers, I’m too emotional and I’m not a very good sales person. In realizing this I’ve adjusted my posts to connect MORE THAN educate and I’m much happier. But on this personal blog you’ll get a lot more than just me. DISCLAIMER: Sometimes I take the words and feelings of those I’ve connected with and write a post. {Shock and awe, right?!} Guys, I’m an e-motion-AL person and that means that the struggles and joys of someone I care about trigger feelings…. and those feels come out here. If someone wants to take a post about a rough day, take it at what the words mean in that post, you’ll be unsuccessful if you try to weave a story from post to post.

All in all, if you share your farm story – kuddos friend, be sure what you share makes YOU happy. Because… when your words are used against you in this business ALL those people telling you to share won’t be able to help you. I won’t call myself an agvocate but I can recommend some great farmers who ARE. If you’re looking for a real side of farm girl feels – join the wagon ride, b.y.o.b.

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