Installing a bigger bulk tank

Spring brings all kinds of new growth and new plans and sunshine, rainbows, and tan lines. Proceeding all that happiness is mud, lots of fucking messy mud that traps toddling children and destroys household entryways. My farm happens to be located down a few miles of dirt roads where mud can be seen in abundance, just in case you haven't dealt with copious amounts of that heinous shit in a while. 

When we make improvements to the farm we focus on improving the animal care, the physical appearance of the business, and the financial gain we will receive. Some of our improvements are simply made to help others, like putting in a bigger milk tank.

How do farmers store milk

We hold our raw milk in a bulk tank until it is transported to the processing facility, on our farm with roughly 65 milking cows we use a 600 gallon bulk tank. Milk can be stored properly cooled on the farm for up to 48 hours before transport, our tank size and herd production resulted in having milk picked up daily by our milk haulers.

Picking our milk up every day doesn't cost us more than an every other day pick up as we are charged a fee based on the weight of milk picked up. However daily pick up does include washing the milk tank every day and having a big truck hauling roughly 115,000 pounds up and down these dirt roads 365 days a year, read more about Michigan milk haulers here.

Moocall calving Sensor

We decided to install a bigger bulk tank

Well actually in 2020 we purchased a second 600 gallon bulk tank and planned to install it in the spring but Covid-19 put a kibosh on those kinds of unneccessary installations and we waited. In the fall of 2020 we found a 1500 gallon bulk tank for purchase and people interested in purchasing our two 600 gallon tanks so we decided we would just go bigger. In April 2021 we installed this big booty tank which now allows my children to run hot laps around while we milk and our milk hauler only needs to travel down our muddy ass roads every other day. Whoot whoot! Added bonus, maybe our neighbors will appreciate it 🤷‍♀️

Farming is our life and it definitely has a ripple effect on those around us. Our money is spent in our communities in a big way, from hired labor on our farms to large purchases and work we hire from within our own communities. Making this small change required us to spend money we really wouldn't benefit financially from but would hopefully improve the schedule of those around us and our road conditions. And to my neighbors, I like bon bons at Christmas time. 

Xo, Nicole 

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