She wants your permission

The woman carrying bags of feed, she wants you to give her permission to take some time off. She's been trying to lighten the load but she's honestly taking on too much; if she admits that, she'll feel like she's placing just one more weight upon everyone else.

The woman holding a teething child and wearing yesterday’s shirt, she wants you to give her the o.k. to sit somewhere quiet. She's low on sleep and high on self doubt, she's tired of being touched and tired of the noise; if she says that outloud, she'll feel like she's not doing motherhood right. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The woman sitting with her parents, the roles reversed, she wants you to step in without making her feel uncapable. She made a promise but didn't know how lonely she'd feel, or how much she would question herself; if she says that, she's letting everyone down. 
She isn’t weak. She isn’t lazy. She isn't selfish. She isn't undependable. She just wants to be everything to everyone. She’s a caretaker. She isn’t trying to boast or be the best, she just wants to be more than who she was yesterday.

She's waiting for you to tell her to take some time off because while she's trying to prove she can do everything and she can be there for everyone, someone has to be there for her, someone has to look out for her.

To every woman who is THIS woman, I see you, and while I know you don't NEED permission to take time for yourself, I don't believe you'll make that time either.

The problem with us is that sometimes we run ourselves out of battery before we are able to recharge. I know because I wrote this post and these words back when my littles were littler and my business was newer. I wanted, more than anything, for someone to just push their help on me because I was taking on more than I should have and I was burning myself out. I felt like I was drowning at times but then I'd feel an adrenaline rush when I accomplished it all, and it became a cycle.

I wouldn't ask for help because everyone juggles a lot, because this was just a phase, because it's hard to let someone else do the things you do better and what's the point if you'll just have to fix it later? Instead I would just try and work quicker, but the free time never showed up and there is always something next to do.

Friends, you DON'T NEED permission from someone around you, you need YOUR OWN permission. She, the amazing and brilliant woman you are, needs your permission to self care. Take it. 

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