You can't stop here

I don’t know you personally and I haven’t heard your struggles but I will tell you that you can’t stop now.

You’re tired – whose not?

You don’t know your next move – many of us don’t.

You haven’t found the balance between kids, partner, and work – girl, there is no balance.

I don’t know you personally, but I know feeling tired. The kind of tired where you want to put your feet up and say an “eff” to the obligations and responsibilities of your day. The kind of tired where you’re a broken record and even YOU are done hearing yourself talk. The kind of tired where you’ve been pushed back so often you don’t WANT to go at it again.

I love being all of the things… you too? I love the cuddles and adventures with my children and I love working on the farm with my husband. I love checking off the to-do list and tackling the jobs that entitle me “the boss” — but when I’ve got errands to run, meals to make and all the other things I gotta do, I start to feel ALL of it. I start comparing myself to Carol, the freaking awesome soccer mom who is on time, looks good, volunteers her time at PTO, schedules weekly date nights with her husband, and makes it to church on time, EVERY time. Well Carol sucks and I made her up because I don't know about you but I need a fictional super woman in my life to constantly remind me I am not enough. Whoa boy, that form of self torture needs to end. 

We need to stop comparing our lives to anyone else's, even fictional ones. Your life is not comparable to those you witness because everyone struggles, even those who put on a good show.

You were made for this life and these moments. God made YOU, wonderfully-perfect you, to live this story and influence the lives of those around you AS YOU ARE. You are doing a great job, tell yourself that. 

Right now, I am telling you that you are not allowed to stop being the adult, or the girlfriend, or the best damn woman you can be. You can take a rest and focus on yourself for a minute, like a quick hot minute – but then you  will rise up, stand tall, and be fucking amazing BECAUSE

Thats 👏 What 👏 We 👏 Do 👏

Xo, Nicole 

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