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Cows that didn’t make the nice list in 2019

Let’s be real here — while my cows ARE adorable AND super affectionate, not ALL of them are amazing. There are a few assholes in the group and tis the season to blast them and put their numbers on the naughty list! Maybe “assholes” is a bit strong but….. nope! It’s accurate. This list came together in less than 5 minutes and includes a few newbies, have you seen my 2018 or 2017 list of naughty cows? The following NINE jerk cows, in my opinion, need a lump of coal in their stall: #179 isn’t necessarily naughty but I’m disappointed…

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Phrases I can’t help but say to my cows

“Every day girls, every damn day, TWICE a day!” This phrase usually escapes mid milking, mid grumbling about needing more coffee or my lazy feet tripping over themselves going in and out to the holding pen. These cows crack me up, they are SO familiar to their routine and yet I still have to escort half of them into the parlor. I think they just crave the one-on-one time with me 😉 “Moooo-ve bitch, get out the way” or “I like big butts and I cannot lie”, and sometimes “come on girls, I feel like a woman” 🎵 Lyrics and…

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Cows that made Santa’s nice list

Hey guys! My name is Jessica. I help Nikki and her husband, Brad, with the milking process on their dairy farm. After reading the most recent Michigan Farm Girl blog post, Cows that didn’t make the nice list #2, (the list in which, not surprisingly, includes my favorite, #141, for the second year in a row 😒), I thought it would be fun to put together a list of NICE cows in the herd. Almost all of the cows are loving, gentle, and great milkers. I must have told Nikki three times or more that she got the easy job –…

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Cows that didn’t make the nice list #2

She’s makin’ a list She’s checkin’ it twice Gonna find out which cows are naughty or nice This farm-HER is head-ing to the barn   I decided to give the whole Cows That Didn’t Make The Nice List another go and in its second year I’m pleased to say there are a few new brats added to the list — and to prove I don’t show favorites one or two may have even redeemed themselves from last year! Disclaimer: These decisions were made by the elf in charge here on the farm (…me) and no outside opinions were considered by…

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49 Reasons to love the farm life

Fourty-nine. Really? Right, well then — you must be asking yourself two questions: 1) why 49 and not 50? 2) will there be a quiz at the end? The answer to the first question is because cow #49 on my farm is my favorite so it seemed fitting. To answer the next question, you’ll need to read through the post Sunrises so beautiful they literally stop you Calf cuddles A full kitchen table with laughter and planning Working with family, the bond becomes quite unique You fall asleep easily after a long days work We never say no to ice…