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The FIRST weekly pick

I want to get back into blogging about our farm life, after taking a break I’m able to refocus on the parts of blogging I miss. Here is my FIRST EVER weekly pick, and hopefully not my last 😏 Skim through, hopefully there is something here for everyone… Farm life Memorial weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer, right!? I’m feeling it deep in my soul! I may have even started the school countdown, 13 days to go for our kiddos, how about you? There hasn’t been much happening in our field’s and no planting yet, but fingers crossed…

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Thirty-five random lessons learned

I’m nowhere near where I expected myself to be but exactly where I need to be. At three and a half decades old I’m feeling a bit wiser, like “hey you twenty-somethings …. pay attention to your elders”. Today [April 4th] my momma celebrates 35 years of being a mom as I celebrate the years of growing into the hot mess I’m learning to love. By wiser I also mean like knowing this blog post should be in list format because I feel like lists are a big thing; easy to read, easy to skim through when you don’t feel…

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Cows that didn’t make the nice list

The big day is almost here and before that jolly ‘ol elf decides to spoil my Ladies with extra grain, I’ve made a list. Yeah THAT kind of list, and trust me — I’ve checked it twice!! There were some cows around the farm this year that have not been very nice. This decision was made by the elf in charge here on the farm (…me) and no outside opinions were considered by the other elves. You might think, “Wow! I thought she was a sucker for all her animals” but dear friend, it must be pointed out that I…

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