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Hello! I’m Nicole, wife and mom on this modern-day dairy farm. My husband, Brad, knew he wanted to own a dairy farm – and perhaps it was my job to convince him otherwise, but I had never touched a cow and the idea of calves and crop dates sounded romantic. We said the ‘I Do’s’ and walked the first 6 cows into a stanchion barn in 2008. Let me tell ya, he left out some pretty important details to farm life…but I have come up with 10 Reasons to marry a farmer


It has been a crazy decade, we moved our farm – we grew our dairy herd – we had three babies, and now we are trying to find balance and happiness in a tough dairy industry.

My oldest daughter was born in 2010 – she’s my can do, will do anything she sets her mind to girl. My middle child was born in 2012 – she’s my sassy one with a heart as big as her body can handle. My youngest was born in 2014 – he’s all boy, ALL tractors and Spider-Man, loud and dirty.

You can read more about our family is the posts below ❤ thanks for being here

Xo, Nicole

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