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this is me, Nicole or Nikki whichever you’re comfortable with. I’m pretty big on sarcasm and short on introductions so I’ll jump into a few basics and if you scroll through the menu you can navigate all the more detailed feels โ™ฅ

we are Wren Dairy Farm, first generation Michigan dairy farmers. Our first bit of milk started back in October 2008 as a newlywed couple with big ideas and we’ve been learning how to work together and push each other’s buttons ever since.

my introvert personality is happiest on the farm, so here you’ll find the most honest and raw version of me. THIS platform has introduced me to the best, most beautiful, hard working people and I am so grateful you’re here.

growing into this role of a farm wife and farmer and mother has proven that I have high expectations of myself. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if I’ll measure up or if I’m doing any of it right — but slowly I’m finding the strongest version of who I’m meant to be.

people who respond to my sarcasm with sarcasm are my favorite kind of people โœŒ like my sister’s who create sassy farm girl shirts with me at Laura Lynette Shop. Check us out HERE