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I have so many feelings y’all, and emotions, and these crazy mom hormones. I cry easily, even when I’m laughing… I’m crying. I’m honest to a fault, laugh at myself and life, and explain the chaos that IS this farm life.


I am a farm girl, so I’m pretty positive that I handle all of these milestones a lot different than my husband – and that’s what you’ll find in the posts here ✌ some laughter and cuss words, some of the up’s and down’s, and all of the farm life feels.

Xo, Nicole

Five Words That Get Me Through

I’m No Longer Sad, I’m Exhausted

Do We Talk About It

Too Much Truth On A Tuesday

Mental Health: my story

The Udder Truth about 2018


Our current project:

》 The biggest risk

》 Building this farm, growing my dream – part 1

Building this farm, growing my dream – Part 2

》 Building this farm, growing my dream – Part 3