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Tag: Bad cows

Cows that didn’t make the nice list in 2019

Let’s be real here — while my cows ARE adorable AND super affectionate, not ALL of them are amazing. There are a few assholes in the group and tis the season to blast them and put their numbers on the naughty list! Maybe “assholes” is a bit strong but….. nope! It’s accurate. This list came together in less than 5 minutes and includes a few newbies, have you seen my 2018 or 2017 list of naughty cows? The following NINE jerk cows, in my opinion, need a lump of coal in their stall: #179 isn’t necessarily naughty but I’m disappointed…

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Cows that didn’t make the nice list #2

She’s makin’ a list She’s checkin’ it twice Gonna find out which cows are naughty or nice This farm-HER is head-ing to the barn   I decided to give the whole Cows That Didn’t Make The Nice List another go and in its second year I’m pleased to say there are a few new brats added to the list — and to prove I don’t show favorites one or two may have even redeemed themselves from last year! Disclaimer: These decisions were made by the elf in charge here on the farm (…me) and no outside opinions were considered by…

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