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Building this farm, growing my dream – Part 3

“There will always be something standing in your way, what matters is how badly you want to push through”, my husband My biggest fear is failure, I’ve never chased any dream because I don’t want to fail. I guess we all have a slightly different definition of what failure means, but I’ve always thought hearing the word ‘NO’ was a fast pass to a dream crushing end. Surprise, I’m still here. Feeling ALL the feels and crying my heart out because as painful as I knew hearingĀ  D E N I E DĀ  would feel — I didn’t expect the…


Why you can’t stop

I don’t know you personally and I haven’t heard your struggles but I will tell you that you can’t stop now. You’re tired – whose not? You don’t know your next move – many of us don’t. You haven’t found the balance between kids, spouse, and work – girl, there is no balance. I don’t know you personally, but I know feeling tired. The kind of tired where you want to put your feet up and say an “eff” to the obligations and responsibilities of your day. The kind of tired where you’re a broken record and even YOU are…

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The biggest risk

Complete the sentence, I’m really good at _________________. It’s suppose to be a moment to compliment yourself, but the only words I could come up with were raw and honest and sad. Because hard as it is to acknowledge, it has been the truth. I am a VERY good cheerleader for other people’s dreams, and yet I allow myself to give up. When milk prices headed south and my husband looked for an outlet for his stress as a volunteer firefighter, I said “ok”. And when the farm was taking away from our savings account and my husband said he…