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Tag: Calves

She stays

The cattle trailer backed into the driveway and we each held our tattered piece of paper. We walked up around 20 head of breeding age heifers, the females over 14 months old, and stood in the doorway. We’ve sorted cattle for over 10 years together, generally our hands at our sides and our conversation is hushed, we know how to work together after all this time. This morning though, our bodies are shivering, clouds of heat from the girls make it hard to see, there is another person in the barn, and he is rattling off ear tags. Man who…

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Welcome to the herd

There is always something new I am learning about farming, sometimes from my husband and sometimes from other dairy farms and research. Caring for a calf was definitely not something I grew up with; it’s a very important part of my life now and one of my main jobs on the farm, the growth of our herd depends on it and I’m always clicking on links to educate myself. A lot of thought and care goes into how we care for the animals on our farm, it’s like being the mom to a whole group of four month olds –…

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