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Working with my farm kids

“Well, I love you 100 and I love bunny 16” Because when my 4 year old son says he loves his bunny, a tiny bit of me remembers the crazy screaming banshee woman from 20 minutes ago and assumes, clearly, he loves his bunny more than me. Thankfully when I asked him who he loves more I was reassured with a kiss on the cheek and his 100 vs. 16 ratio that I am still his favorite. Being a working mom, a stay at home mom, it’s all hard. For me, being a farm mom is a guilt trip roller…

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Raising farm kids

My children have fallen asleep to the steady sound of pulsator’s. They have crawled and learned to walk smack dab in the middle of the parlor. And they’ve been exposed to more germs in the first 12 months of life than you’d probably like to hear about. They have no idea that a lot of families have Saturdays and Sundays off or go on vacations to visit new places. They don’t realize that most Dad’s and Mom’s who work can’t take their kids with them. And learning to drive a tractor at 5 is not the norm. Rain days are…

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Mornings in the parlor

On mornings I milk with my farmer I get coffee. He makes better coffee than I do. On mornings we milk together a little one usually joins us in the parlor; they sit, they watch, they help, and they listen. This morning it’s my middle one. Little features appear in the door way, a small smile spread across her face because she found her way to us…slightly underdressed but in boots. She borrows my hooded zip-up, and takes a seat on a bucket. Plans. Goals. To-do’s. Shoulda done differently. Some mornings there is silence. She sees damn near everything this…

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