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Tag: Farm Life

Coffee and wine

In between the coffee cup and wine glass are hours divided upon cows, kids, laundry, mowing, being a forever girlfriend and best friend, etc. The to-do list is never ending however in my attempts to get more minutes in my day I’m trying to focus more on the day and less on the list. So pretty much I’ve got frozen Go-Gurts and a basket of fruit on the table with enough lunchables to last till Friday. I’m taking full advantage of my nine year old’s desire to cook and I am using my outdoor furniture whenever possible. Down on the…

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Hello chaos

Hello summer break, goodbye strict schedules! In our house kids sleep in, they do pajamas all day, and usually they eat popsicles for breakfast. It’s a beautiful, chaotic season. Life on the farm Some weeks it feels like we have nothing but time, however sitting still while it’s the middle of June is almost painful. We don’t have all of our first crop off and we don’t have all of our seeds in the ground. This farm life journey I’m on continues to put me in situations where I prove myself capable – even when the very last thing I…

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5 easy tax tips

5 easy tax tips for those who half-ass it — Like me Every year I make the promise to myself that I will tackle the farm paperwork like a boss babe AND every year I fizzle out after April when the field work picks up. Between keeping the kids hydrated and being the go-to person when parts need to be picked up I never make the time to sit down and do THE paperwork when farm life gets busier. That usually means when December rolls around I start to realize that come January I’ll have a lot of time at…

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