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Something worth celebrating

My favorite holiday is July 4th! Something about the parade in my home town, the family time, fireworks, and taking advantage of time to relax [in between chores], year after year this celebration in July brings me peace. What does your family do to celebrate Independence Day? On the farm The last 2 week’s we have been working on catching up from the wet spring. First crop of hay is done, packed, and covered. We mowed our first round of dry hay down a few days ago and will bale that tomorrow. Our corn is coming up, but we found…

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You’ll be each other’s best friend some day

We fought about everything, just like any siblings. My mom’s solution was to make us hold hands and say something nice about each other. My dad would just repeat his tired old line, “you’ll be each other’s best friend someday”. As IF!!––Clueless was my jam back then My sister’s and I are S P A C E D out, in comparison to the rate at which I had children. I’m the oldest, smartest, wisest, quite possibly the tallest at 5’3″, and cursed with the smallest boobs. I had six wonderful years as my parents pride and joy until Meagan came…

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