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Working with my farm kids

“Well, I love you 100 and I love bunny 16” Because when my 4 year old son says he loves his bunny, a tiny bit of me remembers the crazy screaming banshee woman from 20 minutes ago and assumes, clearly, he loves his bunny more than me. Thankfully when I asked him who he loves more I was reassured with a kiss on the cheek and his 100 vs. 16 ratio that I am still his favorite. Being a working mom, a stay at home mom, it’s all hard. For me, being a farm mom is a guilt trip roller…

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The future is [more] female

As I was saying goodbye to my husband our youngest child asked his dad if he was going to work? The response was yes. “Like get in your truck and drive down the road to work?” I suppose on one hand I like the idea that our children don’t consider the farm “work” and that at 4 years old my littlest is seeing his mom carry out the farm chores. But on the other hand, I’m sad that I’m doing farm work alone more often and that one of us working off the farm isn’t so much a choice but…

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The udder truth

When someone gives you the blog post title “udder truth” it can only lead to a heartfelt and honest, middle finger to the year that was. When 2018 began I was hopeful of a dairy turn around. I was optimistic {and I’m rarely optimistic about anything} I was really anticipating that the price of milk would increase and I was wrong, with milk prices at $14.64/cwt with a $2.46 ppd swinging to $15.77/cwt and a $2.42 ppd {there was a $13.97/cwt with a $2.87 ppd in there too}. *For my non-farming friends CWT means for every 100 pounds of milk,…

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You’ll be each other’s best friend some day

We fought about everything, just like any siblings. My mom’s solution was to make us hold hands and say something nice about each other. My dad would just repeat his tired old line, “you’ll be each other’s best friend someday”. As IF!!––Clueless was my jam back then My sister’s and I are S P A C E D out, in comparison to the rate at which I had children. I’m the oldest, smartest, wisest, quite possibly the tallest at 5’3″, and cursed with the smallest boobs. I had six wonderful years as my parents pride and joy until Meagan came…

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