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Are there hormones in milk

While I will openly admitt I don’t get tangled up in labels and do my grocery shopping based on availability and cost, I understand that many people have questions and hesitations about our food. Where does it come from and is it safe? Raising children, and daughters specifically, I’ve heard the comments regarding hormones in milk. Are there hormones in milk? Do I need to be on the lookout for a label stating “no hormones”? As a dairy mom, here are my thoughts… Milk is one of the top sources of much needed nutrients and providing dairy for my children…

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How we focus on quality

A version of this post was originally created for Milk Means More blog, please take a moment to visit their amazing site and the original post here. In every industry there are quality standards and the dairy industry is certainly no exception. To sell Grade A milk you have to be licensed and inspected — there are quality markers put in place to ensure our product is safe and healthy. If you are active on social media you should be following the actual farmers who harvest your food, here’s a great list of Facebook farmers and Instagram accounts to follow!…

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Farm details

A few facts about our small dairy farm 💗   What is the name of your farm?  Wren Dairy Farm.   Where is your farm located?  North-eastern part of lower Michigan.   When was your farm established? In October of 2008, during a difficult time for many dairies but starting out we didn’t really understand the impact of low milk prices.   What generation is your farm?  First generation.  Neither my husband nor I grew up on any type of farm, although he worked on a dairy farm for 6 years prior to our farm.   Do you sell your milk directly to the public? …

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