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Building this farm, growing my dream – part 2

Previous posts // The Biggest Risk & Growing My Dream – Part 1 ‘No‘ seemed to be the very word I’d been terrified of and was hearing over and over. Surprisingly, the word hadn’t killed me yet like I’d always assumed it would. The Grant was submitted on time – but was unsuccessful. [A few tips included at the end of this post about grants.] I also told you that I had canceled my FSA loan application. Hugely impatient… I thought I’d skirt around the Farm Service Agency and speak with a banker. I contacted a farm lending service to…

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How to pasteurize your milk

I thank God every day for the life I have, I am fortunate to have beautiful cows in my back yard. As a mom it makes complete sense to me that I take the very product I produce and feed it to my family. I know without hesitation that the milk provided from my farm is nutritious, wholesome, and essential to growing healthy kids. I am VERY thankful. After the raw milk is collected from the cows it is directly stored and cooled in a bulk tank and shipped to our processor every day. A few times a week I…

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Building this farm, growing my dream – part 1

Previous post // The Biggest Risk Applying for assistance through the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been the heartbeat behind our dairy dreams. In 2007 we began the paperwork to start our dairy business and a few times over the years it has continued as we have relocated, made improvements, purchased more cattle and built new structures. Without the FSA our farm wouldn’t be here, during these low and unfortunate milk prices the FSA has allowed us to continue business. FSA loans are… Well, the loans from the FSA are… The Farm Service Agency and their beginning farmers loans can…

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Farm details

A few facts about our small dairy farm 💗   What is the name of your farm?  Wren Dairy Farm.   Where is your farm located?  North-eastern part of lower Michigan.   When was your farm established? In October of 2008, during a difficult time for many dairies but starting out we didn’t really understand the impact of low milk prices.   What generation is your farm?  First generation.  Neither my husband nor I grew up on any type of farm, although he worked on a dairy farm for 6 years prior to our farm.   Do you sell your milk directly to the public? …

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