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Tag: Things I say

My anxiety

I can not breath right now. My entire body is incredibly tense and even the simple act of exchanging air has me worked up. My feelings fester and build until my body, quite literally, feels like it is shutting down. I don’t want to be friendly right now, I am angry, I am distracted, I don’t feel like myself. I have to do something I absolutely do not want to do and it is paralyzing me. I am going on a school field trip today with my 9 year old daughter. Crazy, right!?? How is it that attending something so…

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Sharing that farm life on social media

Farmers, you have to share your story because if YOU don’t someone else will. Right? I follow countless farmers who share myth busting blog posts, they introduce facts about GMO’s and glyphosate and the nutritional values of real milk over nut juices. These farmers take the extra step, they put in the extra time, they WANT to bridge the gap and to connect with consumers. These agricultural advocates open themselves up, as professionals in their industry, they make the choice to share their farm life on social media because that is the world we live in now, people don’t just…

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Phrases I can’t help but say to my cows

“Every day girls, every damn day, TWICE a day!” This phrase usually escapes mid milking, mid grumbling about needing more coffee or my lazy feet tripping over themselves going in and out to the holding pen. These cows crack me up, they are SO familiar to their routine and yet I still have to escort half of them into the parlor. I think they just crave the one-on-one time with me 😉 “Moooo-ve bitch, get out the way” or “I like big butts and I cannot lie”, and sometimes “come on girls, I feel like a woman” 🎵 Lyrics and…

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