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Coffee and wine

In between the coffee cup and wine glass are hours divided upon cows, kids, laundry, mowing, being a forever girlfriend and best friend, etc. The to-do list is never ending however in my attempts to get more minutes in my day I’m trying to focus more on the day and less on the list. So pretty much I’ve got frozen Go-Gurts and a basket of fruit on the table with enough lunchables to last till Friday. I’m taking full advantage of my nine year old’s desire to cook and I am using my outdoor furniture whenever possible. Down on the…

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Tractor maintenance and chocolate milk

We started off dairy month with the Surline PTO Color Run and gave away 300 pints of chocolate milk and FROZEN Go-Gurts. This is my FAVORITE way to interact with my community because it’s all about informing families of the powerhouse that is dairy! Farm life off the farm Not only is chocolate milk super yummy but it is a low cost option AND a natural way to replenish your body after a work out. When this news really started going around a few years ago my husband was skeptical – milk when you’re hot and your guts are all…

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June and new shirt designs

June is moo month Y’ALL!!! How is it the beginning of June already? The wonky weather has my vibe all messed up and nothing feels like it should be June. Just me? Must be, because my kids are already living on summer time and my husband is running around like a crazy-time deprived farmer, so YAY for JUNE! Farm life Truthfully, we are running out of cow feed and the hay fields are wet. It’s one more stressor to add when last week you thought you were gaining on life. BUT… in the event of being more hopeful I’m sure…

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The FIRST weekly pick

I want to get back into blogging about our farm life, after taking a break I’m able to refocus on the parts of blogging I miss. Here is my FIRST EVER weekly pick, and hopefully not my last 😏 Skim through, hopefully there is something here for everyone… Farm life Memorial weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer, right!? I’m feeling it deep in my soul! I may have even started the school countdown, 13 days to go for our kiddos, how about you? There hasn’t been much happening in our field’s and no planting yet, but fingers crossed…

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